Neutrogena whitening sunscreen series 2010


Neutrogena whitening sunscreen series 2010

Do you find that even if you apply sunscreen products, your skin will still be deeper when exposed to the sun?

  Neutrogena research found that sunscreen ingredients are broken down by sunlight.

After an hour, whitening for 8 weeks may be done in white!

To improve whitening, you need really effective sun protection!

  The new Neutrogena whitening and brightening protective emulsion SPF30 opens a new chapter in whitening, which can protect DNA from UV rays. At the same time, pure Vitamin C repairs and destroys cells, making skin more transparent and whiter from DNA.

With light sunscreen SPF 30+ PA +++, patented sun protection technology Helioplex, protects sun protection molecules from being easily broken down, and strengthens the sun protection power several times!

Creates true sun protection, enhances whitening power, and makes skin three-dimensionally clear!

No longer let the sun block the steps of whitening.

This summer, I dare to shine white in the sun!


Neutrogena fine white glowing protective emulsion SPF 30 / PA ++-both internal and external, three-dimensional translucent Neutrogena fine white glowing protective emulsion SPF 30 / PA ++ market reference price: 139 yuan / 40 ml new brand new Neutrogena fine white glowing emulsion SPF30 / PA ++ Open a new chapter for whitening.

Comprehensive whitening nutritional ingredients, pure vitamin C (AA2G stabilized vitamin C), whitening auxiliary ingredients (retinol vitamin A, Narcinamide vitamin B3, Melazyme enzyme extract) combined with natural plant extracts (purslane, aloe, soybeans, etc.) on the skinInternal blocking of the production and accumulation of melanin makes the skin more transparent and whiter from the beginning of DNA, while SPF30’s high sun protection index can effectively protect the skin’s DNA from the outside and eliminate ultraviolet rays, so that the skin is transparent from the inside out.White.

  Deeply inhibits melanin inside: Neutrogena Healthy White ComplexTM-active whitening complex essence, contains E-soy soybean soy whitening essence, purslane essence, vitamin A, C, B2 and other natural active ingredients in different proportions, which can penetrate deep into the skin, Prevent free radical activity, effectively inhibit the growth of melanin, and help eliminate epidermal pigmentation, even skin tone, lighten pigmentation, and make the skin glow healthy and fair from the inside out.

  Effective UV protection externally: The special anti-UV technology SPF30 / PA ++ can protect UV rays in a broad spectrum, filter UVA and UVB on the surface of the skin, prevent photoaging, block the culprit of pigment growth, reduce pigment production from external sources, and makeSkin remains long-lasting, three-dimensionally clear.

  Slightly lightweight: A refreshing scale designed for oriental women, making whitening ingredients easier to penetrate into the skin, suitable for oily skin or hot weather.


Neutrogena light sunscreen SPF30 + -patented formula Helioplex, make sunscreen molecules more stable, long-lasting protection against UVA / UVB, provide more lasting protection for the skin, effectively prevent skin tanning, sunburn.

  Neutrogena light sunscreen SPF30 + market reference price: 129 yuan / 88 ml Want to have more opportunities to wear different clothes in the summer, want to keep the body and face skin equally white?

  Skincare expert Neutrogena recommends a light sunscreen SPF30 +, which protects the body’s skin from UV rays, and makes the body’s skin and the face appear three-dimensional and white together.

Including numerous international beauty awards and Neutrogena light sunscreen SPF30 +, which is highly respected by American dermatologists, and contains a patented formula Helioplex, which effectively combines the ultraviolet absorbent avobenzone and oxybenzone to maintain common stability in the sunTherefore, it is more long-lasting and stable to resist the invasion of UVA and UVB, make the skin exceed the ordinary SPF protection, comprehensively protect the skin DNA from ultraviolet rays, and make the white fair and healthy.

  Beyond ordinary SPF protection, it effectively protects the skin from sunburn and allows you to easily enjoy the sun.

Lightweight non-sense formula and effective waterproof and anti-perspirant formula make the skin feel zero burden.

  It contains the innovative and patented broad-spectrum sunscreen technology “Helioplex”, scientific research has proven that it can effectively isolate UVA and UVB for a long time, provide longer-term effective protection for the skin, and prevent the skin from maintaining a healthy natural color after continuous exposure.

  Innovative “touch-and-dry” formula for quick skin absorption, refreshing size and no stickiness, making skin sun-proof and breathable at the same time.

  Contains waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-scratch formula, even if sweating and wiping sweat, it can still provide effective sun protection for the skin.