Nourishing Liver and Kidney Products-Medlar

Nourishing Liver and Kidney Products-Medlar

Lycium barbarum has been used in medicine since its collection in the Book of Songs, and has a history of more than 3,000 years.

The name of Chinese wolfberry began to appear in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and was listed as a top grade. It has been loved by people for thousands of years.

Ge Hongdan of Jin Dynasty used wolfberry to smash juice drops to treat ophthalmic diseases; Tang Si Sun Si made lycium barbarum with other medicines to make up liver pills to treat coldness in the liver, and the eyes were unknown; Li Zhi of Tang Dynasty, “Introduction to Medicine”The Wuzi Yanzong Pills are made with wolfberry and dodder seeds and placed in honey pills. They are delivered with light saline to treat men with impotence and premature ejaculation. They have a long period of infertility. They must have early whiteness and urinate.

It can be seen that medical doctors of all ages focused on the nourishing liver and kidney effects of wolfberry. People have more understanding of the chemical components and pharmacological effects of wolfberry, and have expanded its scope of use in clinic.

  Traditional efficacy and clinical application of Chinese wolfberry sweet and smooth, return to the liver and kidney.

It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing essence and nourishing blood, clearing eyesight and eliminating dysentery, nourishing lungs and relieving cough.

Indications Kidney deficiency bone crest, impotence nocturnal emission, prolonged infertility, premature aging, premature aging, premature whiteness, blood deficiency and chlorosis, postpartum milk loss, unclear eyes, internal and external barrier eyes, internal heat and thirst, labor heat bone steaming, deficiency cough, dry coughSputum and other symptoms.

It should be noted that, because wolfberry can nourish yin, moisturize and dryness, those with spleen deficiency and rotten stool should not use it.

  Modern research uses modern analytical instruments to determine the active ingredients in wolfberry extract, and it is found to be rich in the following substances: polysaccharides, monosaccharides, betaines, fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, 18 typesAmino acids (including 8 essential amino acids), trace elements (calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, etc.).

In addition, according to the newly published insulin food ingredient table, the content of carotene in wolfberry is significantly higher than that in fruits and vegetables, and it also contains vitamin E, vitamin D, phospholipids and selenium.

  Pharmacological studies have confirmed that wolfberry can regulate the body’s immune function, can effectively inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation, has the effects of delaying aging, anti-aunt liver, regulating blood lipids and blood sugar.

Therefore, Chinese wolfberry has certain therapeutic effects on diabetes, dyslipidemia, abnormal liver function, and gastritis.

  Commonly used prescriptions and medicated recipes to treat anemia and malnutrition: 20 grams of raw sun ginseng, 350 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of cooked land, 400 grams of rock sugar, and 1000 grams of white wine.

Put raw sun-dried ginseng slices and wolfberry in gauze bags and tie them up for later use.

Add the rock sugar to the pot, heat with an appropriate amount of water to boil, and filter it with gauze to remove the residue while it is hot to yellow.

Put the white wine in the jar, put the sun-dried ginseng and wolfberry cloth in the wine, cover and soak it tightly for 10-15 days, stir once a day, soak until the taste of the medicine is light, remove the medicine bag and filter it out with a fine clothAdd the precipitate, add rock sugar, stir well, and then let it stand for filtration.

10-20 grams per day, can be strong anti-aging, tonic blood, black hair, strong waist and knees, strong vision, promoting blood circulation, suitable for patients suffering from physical weakness and anemia, malnutrition and other patients, often drink without disease, Also has the power to strengthen life.

  Treatment of dyslipidemia: Use Chinese wolfberry, Ligustrum lucidum, and brown sugar to make granules, 6 grams per day, 2 times a day, for 4-6 weeks as a course of treatment.

  Treatment of pregnancy vomiting: 50 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5-10 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, boiling water, taking it frequently and warmly, and taking it as the degree.

  Treatment of atrophic gastritis: medlars are dried in the sun, 20 grams per day, and chewed on two fasting occasions, two months as a course of treatment, which is helpful for the recovery of atrophic gastritis.

  Treatment of impotence: 30-60 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 500 grams of white wine.

After soaking wolfberry for 15 days, take 5-10 ml each time, twice a day.

It can cure impotence accompanied by dizziness, waist and knee weakness, and can improve fitness and longevity.

  Treatment of dry mouth at night: Chinese wolfberry chew can cure dry mouth caused by the reduction of oral saliva secretion.