Share: Secrets of Marital Harmony and Harmony

Share: Secrets of Marital Harmony and Harmony

Passing by: I have been married for two years and three months, and my husband and I have always been very good.

However, there are occasional quarrels for a few days. Many times it is trivial. I always blame my husband for not accepting me, and my husband also blame me for losing my temper. In my opinion, every time I have my own reasons, just think he does n’tUnderstand me.

  For a long time, I was always suspicious. I was always afraid that my husband would chat online when he was chatting on the Internet.

I am also trying to dispel this bad mood, but I will repeat it after a while.

  Also, my husband always opens some pornographic webpages to watch the Internet. Every time I want to walk into him, I hurriedly turn off.

I asked him what he said.

But I always feel uncomfortable.

I don’t know what to think.

He doesn’t matter.

Doctor, what kind of psychology is this situation like my husband!

Can you help me analyze it?

  Xishan: You have been married for two years and three months. Judging from time, it may have been more than half a year since the marriage was in trouble!

From your quarrel over trivial matters, the freshness of the wedding has been smoothed out.

Judging from your worries and your husband’s performance, your sex life satisfaction may have dropped a lot compared to the year you were newly married.

  I hope that what I said will not make you feel offended or embarrassed. As a psychological counselor, some of the words around the conditions of online consultation are more direct.

  Sexual harmony is the foundation of a happy marriage.

In marriage or love life, when people reach orgasm, they will have a thorough devotion and a grateful passion, and the door of the soul will be completely opened and fully accepted by the other person.

This passion will continue into daily life, making both sides intimate, tolerant to accept each other’s shortcomings, and fully trust each other.

In fact, orgasm is the most important indicator of marriage quality.

  People in life are completely emotional animals, and they need a constant orgasm to stimulate the vitality of life and to develop a love for life.

In too many marriage relationships, we often see that women are overcoming men, but men are silently enduring, because men are always more orgasmic than women, and they are more grateful to women.

  However, the active aggressiveness of men and the passive defense of women lead to another problem, that is, men do not like to be single, and their curiosity and freedom of sex far exceed that of women.

Men pay attention to many women, the essence is to pay attention to the opposite sex rather than women; women pay attention to the opposite sex but mostly lock their men.

  Your problem is most likely not in harmony with sex.

This is usually the case at this stage.

Spend more time with him and communicate with him, and he will reduce web chat.

When he looks at the yellow website, you insist on asking him questions about gender knowledge. Ask him to open the yellow website and search for this knowledge (usually very little, except for stimulating knowledge that is of little value. You can clearly indicate that you are not comfortable watching) To divert his center of excitement, which is a rationalized defense.

  He will soon give up the yellow website and turn his attention to you.

You can quietly read some books about fufangshu, learn some techniques to control men, and let him feel the sweetness of your climax first.

Then he tenderly persuaded him to give up browsing the yellow website.

  Occasionally look at the yellow website, beware of promiscuous agitation, just like using opium to treat a cold, it is effective and allowed.

Husbands who play E-night stand once or twice are also considered to be weak in human nature and can be forgiven!

  But the terrible result of long-term addiction to browsing yellow websites may be the loss of normal sexual desire and the decline of physiological functions!

This is the same as excessive masturbation!

And long-term obsession with Internet chat will inevitably lead to aphasia and autism in real life!

People who are overly obsessed with E night stand will lose the ability to love and responsible!

In order to have a good life, there must be some restrictions on male sexual curiosity. If the husband deviates from the right way, the wife will use the gentle wrists of women to pull him back!