17 unexpected beauty recipes

17 unexpected beauty recipes


Strawberry whitening teeth The New York dentist tells you the secret to cleaning your teeth: “Slicing strawberries and rubbing them back and forth on the teeth can remove the stains on the surface of the teeth.

“Of course, a small strawberry certainly can’t give you a star-like smile, but it can at least effectively remove the rough coffee stains and cigarette stains on your teeth and make you laugh and become confident.


“If you have cold sores, try toothpaste,” said Arezoo Kaviani, a well-known London skin care expert for toothpaste treatment. “It is effective for analgesia and healing of sores.


Pineapple Juice Cleansing “Pineapple Juice is an excellent cleanser,” said Dr. Patrick Bowler. “It contains enzymes that remove stains from the skin.

“You can take some pineapple juice with your hands or with a cotton pad and massage gently on your face.


Lemon juice restores skin tone. In summer, did you hurry up and get a wheat-colored skin?

Now regret to want to change the race back?

The magic lemon juice can help you with this. Add some when you make the body mask, and you will find that the wheat color is gradually getting lighter!


Olive oil baby oil makeup remover lipstick is beautiful, but incomplete makeup removal causes dry cracks, lip wrinkles and other leakage.

You can use a cotton swab with olive oil or baby oil to remove the lipstick, which works very well.


Aspirin Removal A soluble aspirin medicine is dissolved in the mask and applied to the acne area to suppress the anti-inflammatory effect.


How can baby oil remove eye makeup remove clean mascara?

Just take some baby oil with a cotton swab, and the hardest to remove cleansing eye makeup is not difficult for you!


When lemon juice is used for hair care and shampoo, add a small amount of lemon juice to the hair mask. The fruit acid of lemon can quickly penetrate into the hair’s hair phosphor, making the hair brighter and smoother.


Tea Bag Applying Eyes to Dark Circles Cooling tea bags are very effective for puffy eyes and dark circles.


Coarse salt to blackhead cameron?

How Diaz successfully defeated the abominable blackheads, she added a spoonful of coarse salt and three drops of iodine to a quarter cup of boiling water, mixed it and applied it on a cotton pad and put it on her nose.

A few hours later, the blackheads were magically sucked out.


Sea salt fixation Add some sea salt to the hair care lotion of the hair dye, pay attention to massage when using, and then rinse according to the general procedures, can make the beautiful hair color after dyeing longer.


Aspirin anti-dandruff senior hair stylist copy: Dissolve a piece of aspirin in the entire bottle of shampoo, then shampoo and condition the hair according to normal procedures, which can effectively remove annoying dandruff.


Herbal tea brightens hair color. If the hair looks dull and lifeless, the herbal tea you like to drink may rejuvenate them.

Make a large jar of lemon chamomile tea, let it cool down, soak your hair in it and wash it again, and your hair will instantly shine.


Softener adjusts hair color If you feel that the hair color is too dark, you can use a small amount of clothes softener when washing your hair, it will lighten the hair color.

  15 Cider color protection Golden hair is easy to appear rough brass, don’t worry, you can try washing your hair with cider, it can effectively protect your beautiful golden color.


How to remove nail polish from the skin when nail polish is applied to nail polish perfectly?

Use a knife or platycodon to soak in the nail polish remover, then carefully scrape off the nail polish.
Be careful not to use a cotton swab, as it is easy to get cotton swabs.


Lipstick becomes blush. Biolision’s makeup artist Ellis Faas often applies peach or pink lipsticks as blush when applying makeup to catwalk models. The effect is very natural.

Why don’t you try it?

Put a little lipstick on the cheekbones and wipe it away with your fingers!

This trick also creates the burden of your cosmetic bag yet.