Reading humanities, a chapter of harmony and timelessness

Reading humanities, a chapter of harmony and timelessness

▎ Introducing casual, high-quality halls in the essence of the space for modern elites, not only is the shelter of shelter from the rain, but also to take into account the needs of leisure, friendship, business, entertainment, health and other aspectsSuch a trend also spurs space designers to constantly challenge themselves, and strive to be more creative in the creative, aesthetic and practical process performance!

According to the individual space conditions and the expectations of the homeowners, Sun Hao designers are good at different humanities and styles from different people. From the fit, thoughtful layout, dynamic line reset, quoting nature, simple convergence line vocabulary, in unparalleledIn the sense of comfort, it refines the privacy and understated luxury of the private club, and intersperses with a variety of leisure and enjoyment, so that the people in the body can feel the rich humanistic beauty.

The soothing physiological material aesthetics of human beings is a standard visual animal. The warmth, frequency, totem beauty and color ratio of the environment all affect the stability of the mood and space of the present, so it is too bloated or irritating.The elements should be strictly controlled within a certain range, regardless of how the fashion trends of the times change. It turns out that soft, pure, simple wood and stone materials can best reconcile the temperature, the space full of vitality, and only the light.Under the substitution of wind, water and green, the so-called humanistic temperament, the taste of life can only grow.

The art of living, the thickness of the foundation of humanity is embedded in the diverse artistic aspects of the living space, and it is also a yardstick for testing the aesthetic integration of the designer. In the space works that the eight-width design has always handled, it is often through beautiful lighting and dimming design.Let the beauty of light and shadow perform outstanding performances in different orders.

The lighting, special furniture, dry scene, floral, planting, sculpture, all kinds of artworks and other factors dotted in the corner of the space or the surrounding end of the space, just right into the space, all kinds of action, layout and strength close to real lifeTo give birth to a more accessible human art.

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