5 nourishing diet recipes for spleen tonic in autumn

5 nourishing diet recipes for spleen tonic in autumn

Autumn and winter seasons are the best choice for health and nourishment. At this time, people also conform to nature to carry out winter hiding, so that they can be well protected from illness and disease. So what is the best way to nourish the body in this season?

In fact, Zhishi is a good choice, the following editor will introduce a few nourishing and therapeutic recipes about Zhishi.

  In autumn, it is used as a dry mature seed of the water lily plant, also known as “chicken head rice” and “chicken head”, which are more common in the south.

It grows in swamp lakes and is full and uniform in grains, powdery enough, and no broken rice is preferred.

Chinese medicine believes that the solid, sweet, astringent, flat, spleen and kidney meridians can strengthen the spleen and dampness, solidify the kidney and stop diarrhea, and have the advantages of “buying but not sharp” and “anti-dryness and not greasy”.

Its kidney-reinforcing effect is stronger than that of yam, its dehumidifying effect improves red adzuki beans, and its sedative effect is stronger than that of lotus seeds. It can be said that it is a buried tonic.

One of the ways of health care of Su Dongpo, a literary writer in the Song Dynasty, was to eat glutinous rice.

  Fresh or dried fruit can be directly chewed after soaking in water, or it can be cooked with porridge, soup or with lotus seeds, yam, white lentils and other food.

Zhishi with bird’s nest steamed food has a good cosmetic effect, which can make people look better.

In addition, after freshly peeled pupa fruit is frozen in the refrigerator, it should be stored for an extended period of time, which has a better kidney effect.

Among them, Shengzhi is mainly tonifying kidney and astringent essence, while fried Zhishen is mainly tonifying spleen and reducing diarrhea.

  5 dietary recipes: Fructus Congee and Fructus Fructus 50g, Stewed Rice 100g, cooked with porridge, with spleen to relieve diarrhea, solid kidney astringent essence, Cong ear eyesight

  500 g of yam paste, 500 g of yam paste, 250 g of lotus seed meat, stir-fry yellow, add ground grits, add 250 g of glutinous flour, mix well to form a powder.Day 1?
3 times, can cure spleen deficiency and diarrhea, especially those with chronic diarrhea.

  30 grams of solid walnut paste powder, 15 grams of walnut meat (broken), 7 pieces of red dates (pitted), first mash the solid powder with cold water, add boiling water and stir, then add walnut meat and red date meat, cook and smashPasty, mixed with white sugar, taken casually, and eaten for several weeks, can cure kidney qi insufficiency, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, and waist and leg weakness.

(Note: if the urethra is painful, and there is a dripping sensation when urinating, bet the bladder for hot and humid, do not take it.

) 30 grams of fried lentils porridge, 20 grams of fried lentils, 10 red dates, 100 grams of glutinous rice, and boiled porridge with water, which has a good effect on those with weak spleen and stomach and seeing stools or diarrhea.

  30 grams of real rice wine soup, 30 grams of rice wine, water decoction, take before bedtime, once a night, even 3?
7 days, can cure urinary incontinence or polyuria.