What factors can cause long spots in summer?


What factors can cause long spots in summer?

What factors can cause long spots in summer?

Any notes?

Let’s take a closer look.

  First, it is not expected that sunscreen skin wrinkles and spots are mostly caused by the increase in brightness. The summer sun is violent. The continuous exposure to the skin deepens the pigment color, and the pigment deposits will form over time. Everyone must bring sunshade except when going outBeyond umbrellas and hats, be sure to do sun protection for your skin.

  Second, the preference for heavy makeup cosmetics contains more metals, and the chemical composition has the effect of absorbing light.

Some people have been using cosmetics containing lead, mercury and other chemical metals for a long time, or they can easily cause dark mass in the skin.

The skin is covered with thick cosmetics, which does not get a good breath, makeup removal is not clean, the pigments and harmful substances in the cosmetics are left on the skin surface and even penetrate into the skin, which will cause the accumulation of pigments, which is simply the evil star of the skin.

  Third, excessive whitening and covering all ugliness, MMs love whitening is a matter of course.

But you know what?

Excessive whitening can hurt our skin and increase the chance of dark spots.

Some MMs will do scrubs or chemical peels for whitening, so that the cuticles of the skin are detached, thinking that the more you do, the better. In fact, if you do too much replacement, the skin will be more sensitive to light and dry.Immediately after exposure to the sun, rashes develop and pigmentation becomes more severe than before.

Whitening is important, but it must also be done!

  Fourth, poor cleaning habits Housewives who have been at home for a long time are called “yellow-faced women”. In the impression, they are all waxed yellow and covered with melasma.

do you know?

This is because many of the supplies in our life will harm the skin. Detergents such as washing powder, dishwashing liquid, toilet liquid, and bleach contain alkali and fatty acids, which are the two main chemical components.Damaged skin, long-term contact without cleaning the skin, the spots will creep on the shoulders quietly, so-called “Yellow Face Po” is practiced!

Therefore, the MMs pay attention, and must do a good job of skin cleansing, you must not be lazy, otherwise you will regret it.

  Fifth, there are five sins in the face of computer radiation for a long time: facial acne, radiation spots, dry and dull skin, decreased eyesight, and dark circles.

How to do it?

In addition to consciously reducing the amount of time you have to face the computer, radiation isolation is also important.

Applying an anti-radiation barrier cream before applying makeup can effectively block the damage of computer radiation to the skin, reduce the chance of pigmentation, and keep away from freckles and melasma.