6 tips to keep your hair fresh

6 tips to keep your hair fresh

Guide: As soon as summer arrives, many friends will easily get oily on their scalp and their hair will become very greasy.

Oily hair is not comfortable at all, and oily hair is also not good-looking, and even worse, hair will have an odor.

So, what should I do if my hair is very oily in summer?

Below, I share 6 tips to keep your hair fresh and less combed. Too many massages and combs will irritate the sebaceous glands that secrete oil and make your hair more oily.

  Diet conditioning, comprehensive nutrition can often eat foods rich in B vitamins and proteins, such as eggs, milk, chicken, duck, soy products and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try to avoid high fats and fried foods, and remember to avoid spicy foods.

  Dry hair leave-on spray to drive away the oil This is an emergency strategy to combat oil out of the hair: choose a moisturizing leave-on spray, spray it on the hair, spray the roots a little bit, and then gentlyTake care of your hair. If you have a hair dryer on your hand, it is best to blow it with cold air, so that your hair seems to have just been washed, and there is no oil at all.

  The talcum powder came to the rescue to get up late, was too late to wash your hair, and put out the door with an oil on it?

no way!

Prepare a box of talcum powder in advance, gently apply a layer on the root of the hair, and then pat it with a puff to absorb it.Hours or so, remember to make up.

  Use baking soda cleverly If your hair quality is good, then you can choose to use baking soda to clean your hair.

Baking soda gently purifies your hair, removes dead skin cells, and shortens natural oily dirt on your hair.

Take 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda at a time and mix with a small glass of water, so you can use it directly on your hair.

If you have very good hair or short hair, you can freely adjust the proportion of baking soda.

  Taomi water care scalp We all know that Taomi water can make the skin water and oil balance and become more white and tender, in fact, Taomi water can also solve the problem of hair oil.

After washing the scalp with impurities and filtered rice, repeatedly wash the scalp, and massage it appropriately, just like repairing the skin, so that the scalp absorbs water and nutrients. After the oil, water and oil balance, it is not easy to make the hair oily.