Let your body wake up under your fingertips

Let your body wake up under your fingertips

Acupuncture massage-for you to get through the Rendu Ermai acupuncture treatment, it has already repeatedly strengthened the audience’s impression in “Long Jang Geum”. It is said that the beauty and health treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is now more and more regarded by some as a fashion.

Of course, the needles used in beauty salons are traditional silver needles. However, in order to take care of customers’ ideas, these silver needles that would not cause cross-infection are still used as disposable items. In this regard, Chinese medicine acupuncture has also been added.the cost of.

Acupuncture, according to different symptoms, acupuncture sites are different.

Some are mainly aimed at obesity and reduce appetite through acupuncture.

Some can target a series of cosmetic effects such as facial spots, waxy yellow, and poor complexion.

It is said that a good point for acupuncture is Zusanli. Acupuncture massage at this point for a long time has the effect of pressurizing and longevity.

Acupuncture at Yingxiang is effective for rhinitis.

Some people respond a little to acupuncture. The skin becomes a little red after the needle is pulled out, but some people don’t.

Knowing the acupuncture points, in fact, you can often massage those parts by hand at home. Although not as good as acupuncture, Chinese medicine encourages this.

  Personal experience For those who have not tried acupuncture at the beginning, it is a bit scary to correct the small pointed needle, but looking at the doctor’s self-confidence, I finally tried it boldly.

Strangely, when suspending a needle, it hurts when the needle penetrates into the skin and into the blood vessels, but acupuncture does not hurt much.

The doctor said that this is because the acupuncture speed is fast and the puncture is not deep.

After the needle was inserted, the doctor began to pinch it and rotate it gently. This was probably a massage. After a while, the needle was pulled out.

Before giving acupuncture massage, the doctor will check the color, understand the physical condition, and then determine the acupuncture points.

When the needle was pulled out, there was basically no feeling.

  Answering questions and doubts If I get the wrong point, will it be dangerous?

  -Acupuncture points with a thumb size of one square centimeter are all in the correct range. Acupuncturists are all qualified as professional physicians. Pinpointing the acupuncture points is the most basic skill.

  Does acupuncture hurt?

  -Due to the high speed of needle insertion, pain is basically not felt.

In addition, there is also a painless needle. There is a thin syringe outside the needle. When the needle is inserted, it only needs to be pushed gently, and the needle is squeezed from the syringe into the skin, and the speed is reduced.

  Is the effect of acupuncture massage very slow?

  -Basic effect can be seen after two courses, two months is two months.

Many people now use products for treatment, and the use of beauty cosmetics to make facial masks, although the effect is relatively fast, but the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment also cures the symptoms, which is of great help to regulate physical fitness.