[Is it right to eat bayberry directly]

[Is it right to eat bayberry directly]

The sweet and sour taste of bayberry is very good for appetizing, so it is also very popular.

But when eating bayberry, you must pay attention to it. Bayberry cannot be eaten directly.

Because of the special edge skin of myrica rubra, many small bugs cannot be washed out of the cleaning surface inside the pulp. Therefore, they must be soaked in salt water and let the small bugs come out by themselves so that they can be eaten with confidence.


The skin is special. Due to the special surface of bayberry, it is not as smooth as apples, pears and other fruits. It is easy to clean. If it is not cleaned, you can peel the skin and eat it, so you do n’t have to worry about pesticide residues, but bayberry can onlyI ca n’t wash too hard, it feels like I ‘m washing it.


The scientific way of soaking bayberry in salt water is to rinse it with running water and then soak it in fresh saline for 10-20 minutes. Because salt water can kill some germs, it can also protect the parasites of bayberry fruit fly (commonly known as “”Little white bug”), so you don’t have to worry about eating a little bug and eating it, and it will not affect your mood when eating.


Rinsing bayberry soaked in fresh water with fresh water can not be eaten immediately. Rinse with clean water and then use a plate containing fruits (a container that can filter water) for about 20 minutes. Bayberry is relatively clean and the water content is alsoRarely, you can indulge in delicious bayberry at this time.


Sealed bayberry If we ca n’t finish the day, we can also put iced bayberry, so it can be stored longer.

Everyone knows that bayberry has a short shelf life. Generally, bayberry can’t be eaten overnight, and the taste is very bad, not to mention that there will be many small bugs.

If you put iced bayberry in the refrigerator, you can keep it fresh for a long time. If you use a container to seal it, it will usually be fine for two to three days.


Fresh bayberry is generally freshly picked, and it is relatively fresh, with no surface damage, sufficient juice, and good taste.

But eating fresh bayberry can only be done in the area where the bayberry is grown.

If it is not in the place where bayberry is produced, it is generally not possible to eat fresh bayberry.


How to eat to be healthy is “Meinong”. In order to make Yangmei look fresher, “Mei Shang” may spray some chemicals called “formaldehyde”.

Everyone knows that “formaldehyde” has a great impact on vision, which can cause vision loss after consumption.

In particular, bayberry shipped from overseas, even illegal traders have sprayed “insecticides” to prevent rot. Such bayberry cannot be eaten if it is not washed, so I remind you here that you must wash it before eating it.Do n’t be afraid of trouble, it ‘s the big trouble if you eat badly.